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EA9 Finish HB

An economical and high performance coat against corrosion.

Nippon EA9 Finish HB is a two-pack amine-adduct cured epoxy specially developed to achieve long term corrosion protection for many types of surfaces i.e. aluminium, galvanizing, steel and concrete.

This feature combined with its wide range of resistance properties make Nippon EA9 Finish HB a durable, high performance and economical coating for immersion as well as non-immersion services.

Nippon EA9 Finish HB system has been extensively used for long term corrosion protection lining of storage tank for palm oil derivatives, vegetable oil, potable water etc.

Highlights of this product include:

  • Good resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Outstanding resistance to aqueous solutions and a wide range of industrial chemicals

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